# Dynamic Experiences

The Modyo Dynamic Micro Frontends catalog contains a set of complete financial experiences integrated with a reference API. Dynamic's Micro Frontends will be developed with the following groups of experiences in mind:

  • Personal Banking
  • Business Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Insurance
  • Digital OnBoarding

In addition, it is intended to include Teller (banking backoffice) and Open Banking (consent) experiences. The latter should be reviewed by the prioritization committee.

Dynamic's Micro Frontends are not intended to be a closed solution, on the contrary, customers or partners can obtain the development templates to modify the components as they wish, generating new Micro Frontends that will be versioned in their own version control systems.

Micro Frontends can have variants. The variants correspond to complete branches of code that modify the Widget in a significant way to accommodate functionalities that are only available in some markets or regions, such as credit cards in Chile, on which the concept of “quota in dollars and quota in pesos” or the use of currencies such as the UF is used. The parameters, on the other hand, do not in themselves represent a significant change in the Widget, but they can alter visual or flow aspects of the Widget, such as the number of columns in a summary table or the presence or action of the action buttons.

Once a Micro Frontend is cloned to be customized, it becomes a new entity, so it will not be affected by the evolution of the Widget on which it originated. If a customer or partner wants to compare their Widget with the base version from which it was cloned, they can do so using text comparison tools.

Last Updated: 5/5/2023,