# Design Principles

Dynamic Framework is based on design principles that help create beautiful, modern, and customizable web applications without the need to write and maintain custom code.

Dynamic Framework has been designed using recognizable interaction patterns; oriented to the financial industry and its unique challenges in user experience.

The design principles in Dynamic Framework are:

  • Clarity: Reduce ambiguity and give users confidence and understanding when using the application.
  • Simplicity: Facilitate the construction of experiences by providing a catalog of components and functionalities, allowing you to concentrate on crucial business decisions.
  • Efficiency: Prioritize workflows that anticipate common needs in the financial industry.
  • Consistency: Present consistent and familiar interfaces to end users, regardless of the device they are using, making it easier to intuitively use applications.
  • Aesthetics: Provide users with components with attractive interfaces. Prioritizing both functionality and interface design.

Dynamic Framework gives you a unified user experience and streamlined workflows. Its clean interface allows work teams to focus on the design and the logic behind the implementation of each component.