# Introduction

Welcome to the Modyo Financial Widget Catalog. Here you will find a complete reference of all the financial experiences Modyo delivers as part of this product, from installation and development in your local environment, to the description of interfaces, available parameters, and the main features of each Widget.

# What is a Widget?

A Widget is an isolated component that packages its own markup (html), style (css), and javascript so that it can be deployed as part of any web page without having runtime errors or conflicts with the host page's styles or javascript.

In other words, a Widget is a micro frontend (opens new window): an architectural style that allows you to compose and deploy multiple javascript applications on a page.

Modyo provides the ideal platform to deploy these types of applications and create your Widget gallery through the Widget builder (opens new window) and the tools needed to be able to develop them using the modyo-cli (opens new window) or the javascript SDK (opens new window).

Modyo is an agnostic platform in terms of the use of Javascript frameworks. You can deploy applications made in Vue, Angular or React. For theFinancial Widgets, we decided to use Vue (because we think the learning curve is small and it has a vibrant ecosystem that gains traction, among other things), but you and your team can occupy Angular or React.

# Why use a Widget from this catalog?

The Financial Widgets catalog is designed to accelerate your digital experiences' development by offering interactive components for you to customize and assemble into flows that fit your business.

Financial Widgets deliver out of the box:

  • UX designed to facilitate user interaction
  • Basic accessibility (such as contrasting suitable colors, use of legible typographical sizes, semantic structure, etc)
  • Internationalization and localization of texts and currencies. By default each Widget comes in English and Spanish, but it has all the necessary infrastructure to customize the current languages or add more languages to suit your business needs. If deployed in Modyo, Widgets detect the language configured for the site
  • Validations for forms, dates
  • Flat styles for easy customization with our downloadable PDF design system from here using Sass and popular libraries like Bootstrap (opens new window) and Font Awesome (opens new window)