# Financial Commons Storybook

Financial Commons is where you can find the library of components, directives, and filters to speed up the development of your applications.

To use this tool visit our Storybook (opens new window).

Storybook's main menu

When you select a component, a demo opens in the middle of the screen. In the top bar, you can choose between the following actions:

  • Canvas: This is the default storybook mode, an interactive demo where you control the properties from the Controls tab.
  • Docs: The technical documentation of the selected component. You can see the following property information: Name, Description, Default, Control. Modifying the value in Control also modifies the canvas in real time.
  • Zoom controls: Modify the zoom level of the viewport in Canvas mode.
  • Background Color: Choose between different backgrounds: Light, White, and Dark.
  • Grid in Preview: Activate this option to activate a grid in the background.
  • Canvas Viewport: Select from the most popular mobile devices to modify the viewport size.
  • Full screen: Activate the full screen on the Canvas.
  • Open in New Tab: Open a new tab to this Canvas.
  • Copy link to canvas: Copy the link to this Canvas to your clipboard.

# Keyboard shortcuts

Shortcuts available in storybook

# Import to Project

For this guide we'll use the Stepper component as an example.

  1. Open the Vue file where you want to import the component and copy the following code:

import { MStepper } from '@modyo/financial-commons';

  1. Register the component either locally or globally by copying the following code:


  components: {


  1. Complete the implementation of the component in your application, for example to create a 4-step Stepper, copy the following:

  :steps="4" />

<button @click="$refs.stepper.previous()">

<button @click="$refs.stepper.next()">

For more information about this component and more, visit the Stepper Component Storybook (opens new window)

Last Updated: 10/13/2022,