# Versions

The Modyo Platform is currently distributed in two versions: Modyo Cloud and Modyo Enterprise. Modyo Cloud is deployed in a multi-tenant cloud in Amazon Web Services (AWS), in which resources are shared between different clients. Modyo Enterprise is available in either an Enterprise Cloud or On-Premise deployment. A Modyo Enterprise Cloud client may also choose to use a less stable version, but benefits from the most recent improvements.

Current versions

The current version of Modyo Cloud corresponds to version 9.0. The current version of Modyo Enterprise corresponds to the 8.2 LTS (Long Term Support).

In the case of both the Cloud and Enterprise Cloud versions, each license includes 24x7 infrastructure support services.

# Modyo Cloud

Modyo Cloud represents the simplest and least expensive subscription alternative for the platform. Deployed in a multi-tenant environment, the infrastructure is shared among multiple clients so that the data and information belonging to each client is logically separated, but deployed in a common repository.

Modyo Cloud receives regular updates and the platform is always deployed in its latest version. Customers do not have the option to choose which version of Modyo they wish to be on.

# Modyo Enterprise Cloud

The Modyo Enterprise Cloud has been designed for compliance and adherence to the most demanding standards in different industries, with unique features that differentiate it from the Cloud alternative, among which we can mention:

  • Controlled customer access to infrastructure deployed in the cloud.
  • Access to audit AWS configurations.
  • A dedicated Infrastructure as Code (IoC) template for each client.
  • Customization of the characteristics of the AWS deployment.
  • Possibility of deployment in a totally isolated AWS account.
  • Access to application and security logs.
  • Integration with client application firewalls (Incapsula, Akamai, Cloudflare, among others).
  • Advanced encryption.
  • Customized environment metrics monitoring panel in the Modyo Support Center

# Modyo Enterprise On-Premise

Modyo's Enterprise On-Premise deployment allows the platform to be deployed in a fully customer-controlled environment, whether in the cloud or in a traditional data center. Modyo provides a complete infrastructure support service throughout all configuration and operation processes of the platform, including Modyo software and all components of the technology stack.

LTS Versions

Some of the Modyo Enterprise releases receive Long-Term Support, or LTS, which has extended support for security patches and critical updates.