# Personal Loan

Modyo also offers a widget that allows customers to simulate and apply for a personal loan with the information and terms they need.

# Installation:

modyo-cli get modyo-widgets-retail-consumer-loan

Open in new tab (opens new window)

The default properties that the client can modify for the simulation and loan application are:

Functionality Description
Loan Amount The loan amount to be requested from to the institution.
Payments Shows the total payment amounts for the requested personal loan.
Months of non-payment This section allows customers to select the months of their grace period.
Grace period If necessary, customers can select non-payment dates for their personal loan.
Destination account Corresponds to the account in which the requested loan amount will be deposited.
Insurance Shows different types of insurance that clients can add to their loans if necessary.

According to the selected options, the widget will display the credit amount and simulate the necessary payments, along with a report of the corresponding credit details.

Lastly, a button will appear that allows the client to directly apply for the loan.