# What is Modyo Dynamic?

Modyo Dynamic is a set of user experiences, based on Web components and integrations, that allow the acceleration in the development of solutions in the digital banking and financial industry in general, in a fast and efficient way. It provides developers with a common working framework based on modern and open standards, which can be easily adapted to the particular needs of each client.

Modyo Dynamic covers the common digital experience needs of financial institutions of all types, with a special focus on both product managers and digital channels, and development teams looking for a solution that will help them accelerate implementation in a modular, flexible, reusable, and maintainable way.

Modyo Platform

Modyo Dynamic requires an active subscription to the Modyo Platform. The accelerating components of the digital experience described in this guide are designed to be deployed within it.

# Structure

The structure of Modyo Dynamic is made up of three fundamental elements, each of them designed for each phase of implementation of a complete digital financial product. The following figure shows the different components within each Modyo Dynamic element.

Dynamic structure

# Dynamic Design System

The Modyo Dynamic Design System allows you to compose interfaces aimed at the financial industry in a fast and easy way, taking advantage of a catalog of prefabricated components that solve common problems in the user experience.

The Modyo Dynamic design system consists of a Figma design kit and a complete implementation of web components made in ReactJS, distributed in a package ready to be included in any JavaScript project.

# Dynamic Financial Experiences

Dynamic Financial Experiences are a set of pre-made, customizable and ready-to-deploy user experiences and flows.

These interfaces are implemented as [micro frontends] (/es/connect/resources/microfrontends.html), using the web components of our Dynamic Design System, which makes it easy to customize and modify them.

# Dynamic Integrations

Dynamic Integrations correspond to microservices templates and integration APIs ready to be used in the financial ecosystem. There is currently support for Mambu, Jumio, Docusign, and Salesforce.

# Do you want to contribute?

If you're interested in contributing to Modyo Dynamic as a user, there are several ways you can help:

  • Use the framework within our test environments and provide feedback on problems and possible improvements that you think we can make.
  • Participate in the community by joining our webinars and digital events that we hold on a regular basis.

To contact the team, report a problem or suggest a feature, you can do so through our [Modyo Support Center] (https://support.modyo.com).

Last Updated: 5/5/2023,