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We're excited to have you on board and exploring our platform!

We want your experience to be as easy and satisfying as possible, so we've designed this documentation with you in mind. You can browse these documents from start to finish or go to a specific section, the contents are all related to each other to facilitate your learning process.

Older Versions

The current documentation applies to the latest version (Modyo 10). If you need information about previous version (Modyo 9.2), you can access it here (opens new window).

# What is Modyo?

Modyo is a digital experience platform that helps you create integrated digital experiences for your consumers, accelerating web and mobile development securely, and allowing you to unify native and third-party applications in a single area to manage your digital channels.

# What to Use Modyo For?

  • To create integrated digital experiences: Modyo allows you to create personalized digital experiences for your consumers, regardless of their channel.
  • To create agility and governance: Modyo helps you accelerate the development of your digital experiences and ensure their quality.
  • To create digital experiences through widgets: Modyo offers you an extensive library of widgets that you can use to quickly create digital experiences.

# Why use Modyo?

  • Modyo is secure: Modyo offers you a secure development environment, both in the cloud and local (On Premise) so you can create digital experiences without worrying about the security of your data.
  • Modyo is scalable: Modyo can scale to meet the needs of your business, no matter its size. Large digital teams can streamline the creation of content and components developed for frontend
  • Modyo is adaptable: Modyo is adaptable to your specific needs and provides a wide library of intelligent widgets that can be connected to various systems in your company.

# Who is Modyo for?

Modyo is designed for diverse profiles, from digital channel leaders to frontend and backend developers. Whatever your role, Modyo has something to offer.

  • Digital Channel Leaders it is ideal for digital channel leaders looking to create integrated digital experiences for their consumers.
  • Software Architects who seek to create a clean architecture, from Microservices and APIs to microfrontends for web and mobile channels.
  • Digital marketing experts who require a content management system to create digital experiences for target groups.
  • Content managers who want to manage publications from their various digital channels in one place.
  • Frontend developers who want to build digital experiences through widgets that are easy to create and manage.
  • Backend developers who require a powerful frontend development environment to connect APIs and microservices.

# Where can I get support?

For Modyo Platform support, visit the official support site (opens new window).

# Requirements for using Modyo

To get started, you just need a compatible web browser. Modyo is compatible with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. The entire product interface can be accessed through its web interface.

We're excited to join you on this digital adventure with Modyo!