# Modyo Channels

Modyo Channels is the module that allows central management of your content and Web applications for multiple sites and languages.

Modyo Channels provides extensive access to the HTML code of every template, giving developers complete control of every detail of a user's digital experiences, published through an integrated version control system.

Modyo Channels includes design templates which are editable by HTML, making it easier to reuse code.

Modyo Channels also has a templating system based on Liquid Markup that allows for dynamic interpolation of information which is efficiently processed from the server's side.

# Main functionalities

  • Site management to organize digital channels.
  • Dynamic pages to define the structure of each site and add content to it.
  • Widgets to create reusable components using technologies such as Javascript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Templates to organize the overall structure of a site and its design system.
  • Stages to create different branches within a site where you can work in encapsulated environments, with the option to synchronize your changes.