# Modyo Content

Modyo content is the module that allows you to create and manage dynamic content repositories called spaces. In a space you can create posts, segmented by content types. The type of content defines the basic structure, with its requirements and validations to publish an entry.

# Benefits

  • Segmentation: Show entries to specific users through integration with channels and customers.
  • Headless Architecture: Consume content through an HTTP API from Modyo channels or external systems.
  • Performance: Host content on CDNs for greater availability and speed of access, regardless of geographic location.

# Main functionalities

  • Spaces: Organize content and teams that manage them.
  • Content Types: Define custom structures.
  • File Manager: Organize the files used in contents, such as images or videos.
  • API and SDKs: Access content repositories, on and off, the platform.