# Modyo Content

Modyo Content is the module that lets you create repositories of dynamic content called spaces. Within a space, you can define both the types of content to be managed and the access rules and roles that the different team members will have.

Content header image

Modyo Content has a Headless architecture that allows content to be consumed via an HTTP API from channels defined in Modyo Channels and external systems or applications.

Thanks to its integrated system of cache and management of HTTP Headers, content can also be hosted on CDNs for greater availability and access speed, regardless of geographic location.

# Main features

  • Spaces for the organization of contents and teams that manage them.
  • Content types to define custom structures.
  • Asset manager for organizing files such as images or videos that are used within the contents.
  • API and SDKs for access to content repositories, both within and outside of the platform.
Last Updated: 5/9/2022,