# What's new in Modyo?

Modyo Cloud and Modyo Enterprise Cloud version 9 correspond to the latest versions of the platform and represent a major evolution from previous versions in terms of performance, modularity, availability, and features that allow for improved control and management of the digital customer experience.

In this new platform version, we highlight the following improvements and new features.

# New Simplified Interface

A new, simplified, cleaner user interface with the possibility of changing the Modyo logo to customize it according to the customer.

# New Modyo Content application

The Modyo Content application now serves content through its API and SDKs as a headless solution, and also serves decoupled content within Modyo Channels through Liquid.

# Asset Manager

The new asset manager allows users to upload, search, and manage various file types, and now has additional features such as tag management, image resizing, and more.

# User Realms

They allow you to define multiple end-user realms and assign them uniquely across different sites and content spaces. With this new functionality, end user databases can be managed in a cleaner and separate way, granting differentiated access to different managed resources on the platform and reduce the need to manage separate organizations for different types of users.

# Team Review

Modyo's new Team Review system is the evolution of the earlier Workflows functionality, which improves team collaboration with tools to review and approve changes to content and other elements within the platform. Team Review also has more options, allowing you to enable or disable review systems, assign specific team members to their respective roles, and customize separate sets of rules in any content space or digital channel.

# New and simplified roles and permissions

The management of roles and permissions for sites and content spaces has been simplified, allowing you to streamline your developments. In addition, a user group functionality is incorporated, allowing you to assign roles in a very simple way within the sites and content spaces.

# Separation of users and administrators

Modyo 9.0 improves upon user management by completely separating users in the front end (site visitors, people interacting in your channels) from the administrators (users with assigned roles, content managers, channels developers, engineers, etc.). User and administrative login panels are now separate, allowing for independent identity management service integration, and a custom look-and-feel.

# Support for PWA

Modyo now has native support for Progressive Web Application enablers, allowing you to improve your users' experience when they have intermittency or lose their connection.

Modyo now has native support for Progressive Web Applications, which allow you to improve the experience of your users by providing digital channels that pre-cache key resources. This makes it possible to instantly load reliable experiences quickly regardless of intermittency or bad network connections, and can be installed by the user without the need of an app store.

# New rich text editor

Modyo now uses the rich text editor Froala. This text editor allows you to develop content in an instant as well as paste the text from your documents while maintaining the same format.

# Content Pages

Modyo now changes the way that you use content views. An automatic migration will be performed starting from Modyo 9.2 to bring your content views in Templates to the Pages section. You can create widget or content pages from the same place. To learn more, see Pages.