# Digital Factory

The Digital Factory allows you to monitor statistics related to the creation, editing, and publishing of content and other elements in your digital channels. You can use the filters in the upper right to visualize different aspects of the data.

The available filters are:

  • Date range
  • Site
  • Space


When you filter by site, the elements that use space data will not display in the interface, and likewise, if you filter by space, elements from Modyo Channels that use data from sites will not display.

Digital factory

# Activity by Type

You will see five boxes that will represent the number of items created, edited, sent to review, approved and published within a given date range. The elements that are grouped in these boxes are entries, pages, navigation, widgets and templates.

Created: Number of times an entry, page or widget is created.

Edited: Number of times the "save" action is used on entries, pages, navigation, widgets and templates.

Sent to Review: Number of times in a place or space with the team review activated, an item is sent for review.

Approved: Number of times the restrictions of the team review are met and an item is ready to be published.

Published: Number of times an item is published, either on a site or space without team review (direct publication), or through team review, or also, through the "force post" action of the administrators.

Next to each main counter, you will see an upward (green) or downward (red) indicator that represents whether the ratio between the current period and the previous one increased or decreased. If the counter is not present, it indicates that there is no data in the previous period.


The time ranges that are compared in each of the boxes, depend on the date range selected in the upper right part of the view, so that, if you have selected the last seven days, you will be comparing, for example, the amount of elements created within the last seven days, with the amount of elements created within the previous week.

# Created vs. Published Resources

A line chart that represents a comparison over time between created versus published resources.

With this graphic you can show how much created content gets published, and visualize, for example, if created content gets published multiple times.


The total date range on this chart depends on the total date range selected in the filter at the top right of the page.

# Activity by User

This heat map allows you to visualize the detailed activity of the most active administrators on your team, separating the count of elements created, modified, sent for review, approved and published into columns.

# Activity by Resource

This graph allows you to compare the activity of each Modyo element, both of your sites and your spaces. You can see horizontal bars that correspond to the amount of elements of that type, in any state.