# Activity logs

This section shows a detailed chronological record of the activities carried out by account administrators and is useful for auditing and monitoring tasks, as they provide you with a detailed history of the actions of the account administrators.

The auditability offered by Modyo in this space guarantees the possibility of examining all actions carried out by any administrator. This is essential to accurately determine the responsibilities that correspond to each operation.

# About the interface

In the activity logs interface, you can see a list of the administrators who performed tasks, what types of tasks, and when they carried them out.

You can filter events by:

  • Date: Filter by a specific period or select a start and end date.
  • Type: Filter by type of events, such as creating, updating or deleting a campaign, creating or updating a post, updating or deleting a site, user enablement, and others.
  • Administrator: Select a specific administrator to see only their activities or choose all to see all the activities carried out by the administrators.

Check the box next to one or more users and click on the Export button, located below the list to download a file in Excel or CSV format with the selected activities.