# Configuration

Customize your account and the rest of the platform according to your needs.

# General

These are the general options for an account on Modyo Platform:

  • Account Name: This is the name by which you identify this account on the Modyo platform.
  • Account URL: Choose the sub-domain that represents the account. If you change it, make sure all users know the new URL. After saving you will be redirected to the account login.
  • Default site: If there is one or more sites, with this option you can redirect traffic from the base domain to this site.
  • Permanent Redirection: Uses a 301 status redirect.
  • Default language: Choose the default platform language. Existing users can modify the language from the user settings.
  • Time Zone: Define the schedule for the entire platform. For example, this will be the default time zone for new sites or email campaigns.
  • Modyo Platform Version: The current version of the platform can be found within the source of the page, under the meta data <meta name="modyo-version" content="stable (build 2ee6170, 20220309120810)">. To view the source, right-click on any element on the page and select View Source Page.

# Visualization

  • Do not show the first steps page: Turning on this option will hide the first steps button for all users.
  • Account logo and favicon: Customize the platform by uploading a logo and favicon for all users. This will also be used by default on pages and sites.
  • Google API key: The API key used to connect the Google Maps API to the location-type fields in the Content module.

# Profile settings

Customize your user, change your password, and enable two-factor authentication within your Profile.

In Modyo Platform, under your user in the lower left corner, click the **... ** button, and click Profile.

In your Profile screen, you can modify the following fields:

  • Name
  • Last name
  • Avatar
  • Language: This changes the language of Modyo Platform (e.g. the name of the fields and buttons within the platform). The sites will not be modified.
  • Username
  • Email

# Change your password

To change your password, follow these steps:

  1. In your Profile, in the upper right corner, click **... **, and select Change my password.
  2. Type your current password and your new password.
  3. Click Save.

# Set up your authenticator (2FA)

  1. In your Profile, in the upper right corner, click **... **, and select Configure Authenticator.
  2. On the Configure Authenticator screen, use your mobile device to scan the QR code.
  3. Type the security code from the Google Authenticator app in the field.
  4. Click Save.
Last Updated: 11/25/2022,