# Training

Training on the Modyo Platform is a key aspect for any user who plays a role within the platform and it corresponds to driver learning activities to generate the minimum skills necessary to be able to use the Modyo Platform effectively. The training activities include reviewing Modyo documentation, videos (opens new window), Learning Paths (opens new window), among others.

# Modyo Platform

# Recommendations before starting

Here's how you'll be able to access all the information and access you need to make your Modyo experience easier.

# General Concepts

Modyo is a next-generation digital experience platform that powers solutions for interaction with digital customers, accelerating Web and mobile development safely and efficiently, creating a centralized space to govern your digital channels.

Modyo has the following main modules, which you will know in your training process:

  • Modyo Content: Headless architecture application that allows the creation of content spaces that you can consume through an API both inside and outside of Modyo. Among the main concepts are: spaces, types, entries, file manager, team review, among others.
  • Modyo Channels: Application that allows the construction and management of multiple digital channels centrally. Among the main concepts are: pages, widgets, templates, PWA, Liquid markup, CLI, among others.
  • Modyo Customers: An application that enables user authentication to sites in Modyo, either through its internal account logging system or your enterprise integrations to Single Sign On (SSO) systems. Among the main concepts are: users, segments, forms, messaging (campaigns and notifications), personalization, among others.
  • Modyo Insights: Application specialized in the representation of statistical data from both the users of your sites and the team that creates content and digital channels.

# Tutorials

The [tutorials] (https://help.modyo.com/es/collections/4032221-tutoriales) are the easiest way to get started on the Modyo Platform. You only need a [testing environment] (/en/platform/training.html #ambiente -de-tests) and some time to learn the fundamental concepts step by step. We recommend that you do the tutorials in order, following all the steps presented in them.

# Learning Paths

Modyo has different Learning Paths (opens new window) for customers and business partners. They consist of more dynamic alternatives to learn how to use our tools at your own pace.

Take the courses you need according to your needs according to the role you play, or take them all to become a true Modyo specialist. The only requirement to start our Learning Paths is an environment.

# Test environment

To understand how the Modyo Platform works, it is very important that you can have access to all the features we provide. To do this, you will have access to create a temporary account where you can implement an example project to learn more about the platform.

To create the test account, you must go to the following link (opens new window) and complete the form by entering your details and those of your organization.

You will automatically be assigned the role of account administrator, which will grant you the permissions to invite other users on your team to the platform.

This environment will be available for a limited period of time. Once the deadline has expired, the account will be automatically canceled. If you require an extension of the indicated period, you must request it to the email [success@modyo.com](mailto: success@modyo.com), indicating the additional time you need.

# How to ask for help?

# Questions and report problems

To report a problem or queries you must:

  1. Log in to our Support Center: https://support.modyo.com/hc/en
  2. Create an account linked to your corporate email
  3. Select the type of case to report:
    • Incidence: Problems that affect the correct functioning of the environment or the product developed on the platform indicating severity level (drops of environments, performance problems, among others).
    • Query: Any questions about the functionality of the platform or the product developed about it.
    • Requirement: Requests for configuration of environments, domains, VPN, execution of scripts, access to systems, among others.
  4. Complete the corresponding form according to the selected case.

# What information should you include to give you the right care?

In order to review what you report it is important that you can include in the "description" field of the ticket the following information:

  • Context: indicate account route/affected site, browser used, Modyo version, user role in the platform (the latter if applicable).
  • Description: Briefly indicate the step by step to be able to replicate the case.
  • Files (optional): Include screenshots or files that do not contain sensitive customer information in the case of transactional sites.